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Susan graduated from Brighton Polytechnic with a BA Hons Degree in Illustration in 1987.

She works primarily in the fields of Editorial, Design and Advertising, and has considerable experience in designing and painting murals, and working as an Artist in Residence in schools.

Her preferred medium is acrylic and as a colourist she also introduces gilding and textures on original artwork.

Shortly after leaving college she was commissioned to paint Harrods’ front window displays on a ‘Back to School’ theme. She worked with them further by illustrating press releases as the store developed and created the mural commemorating the history of their distribution facility, The Depository, when it relocated to Barnes.

In 2000, Susan returned to Brighton for a six-week residency at the Brighton Evening Argus, to produce a colour supplement, a portrait of the newspaper for their 120th anniversary, as part of the Year of the Artist. These images were later reproduced as murals in the Newsquest Company offices.

That year she joined Rafale Design who develop cards and related products, and has produced numerous beautiful designs in her trademark ‘painterly sophisticated’ style, winning a prestigious USA Louis Award in 2002. She exhibited with Rafale at London Olympia’s Modern Collectibles in November 2003.

In 2001 Metis opened a new innovative physiotherapy centre locally, and Susan was commissioned to illustrate a ten-metre mural for the state-of-the-art Dance Studio, and a revolutionary interactive touchscreen system for educational purposes.

To date she has participated in two art-based community projects. In October last year she collaborated with Jeanne-Marie Eayrs on ‘The Big Picture’, by creating the design for a colourful mural in textiles involving thirty local primary schools. This now hangs in the Whitgift Centre in Croydon, and was recently nominated for a Smarter Croydon Award. This was followed by ‘Under Croydon’, The Subway Arts Project which recently won top of category for graffiti-busters at the Smarter Croydon Awards.

In 2003 she exhibited a series of paintings featuring medicine bottles at Space C Gallery, Croydon Clocktower, in the ‘Don’t Bin It..ExhibIt’. This aimed to promote environmental sustainability through the arts.





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